Travel to Morocco and you see today’s Casablanca


When someone ask “How Morocco look like ?” I remind few good things about it like Casablanca is the most populous city in Morocco, where people meet, take part in commerce, buy and sell products.

The movie was filmed in Hollywood and not in Morocco, which is an awesome and multi-faceted country. People living in this city have a unique appearance and culture that are reflected in their appearance.

In Yassine’s photographs, he documents the lively reality of Casablanca. The photographer focuses on the strange and exciting mix of contrasts that show the daily life of the city, on what separates what is real from what is romantic.


Casablanca is the capital of Morocco. Urbanization has transformed the city’s environment, so it is a city of contrasts. Here, too, tradition and modernity coexist, society and individuality interact – all these things create moments of contrast.

We can look at a photograph, enjoy, and think about what we’ve seen. But we can also lose ourselves and worry about what we’d have missed if we hadn’t taken one.

In the photographer’s vision, contrasting details render Casablanca in a new light, through the eyes of a Moroccan who grew up here and still lives there.

Courtesy : Yassine Yoriyas (Photographer)