Why did the camera on my phone become blurry or cloudy ?

Are you worried about why the phone is getting blurry images or why the camera on the phone is cloudy, and what can be done about it? Photos taken with a smartphone camera can be blurry for a number of reasons, many of which you can fix yourself.

Protective case problem

The protective case or certain components of it may be to cause for blurry photos taken with the phone camera. For instance, there is a possibility that magnetic inserts in the housing will interfere with the camera’s functionality. A transparent cover worn improperly can potentially cause the issue. Therefore, it is essential to take the attachment off, snap a few photos, and then check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Unexpected Camera Malfunction

If camera blur happens, you need to make sure it’s not permanent. For this you will need:

  • Close and reopen the Camera app. You may need to force-close the app via Settings.
  • reboot smartphone.
  • Clear the cache of the Camera app in the App settings section.
  • It may also be necessary to delete the camera data, thereby resetting its settings.

Additionally, a third-party application with camera features can be used to test the functionality of the built-in lens (for example, Google Camera). If the images are clear, the issue is with the default software.

The Camera May Be Uncleaned

The general dirt of the camera may be the cause of blurry images. Pictures taken with a dirty lens will be hazy. By first wiping the camera with a wet cotton cloth and then with a dry microfiber cloth, you can resolve issue.

If issue is not resolved then It’s possible that the inside of the camera is also dusty, but fixing this issue on your own will be considerably more challenging because it will need disassembling the phone, which takes skills and tools.

The simplest place to do this is at a service center where professionals can determine if the camera has any additional issues.

Some Liquid May Have Entered

Why did the camera on my phone become blurry or cloudy ?

It’s possible that moisture got inside if the camera starts to become foggy after liquid has been spilled on the phone or it has been submerged in water. If there is water within the mobile device, it will impact not just the camera but also the operation of the entire smartphone, therefore you will need to disassemble the smartphone in order to remove it.

This is best done at a service centre. If you don’t take it out right away, the phone can cease working altogether and become useless.

issues with firmware updates

If issues with the camera started to arise after the user manually updated the software or through the smartphone’s settings, the old version may need to be restored. Additionally, manually installed software will also need to be reinstalled on their own if the developers can fix the issue in the official firmware (for instance, in the upcoming update).

Internal Physical Damage

When a smartphone is dropped or knocked against a hard surface, problems with the camera may occur, such as lens shift. The equipment needs to be transported to the service center for further repairs and diagnostics because attempting to fix this at home will not work.

Camera lens anti-reflective coating damage

Pictures that are fuzzy may be the cause of scratches on the camera’s surface. If you examine the camera from various angles, the blue or purple coating should be damaged, indicating that the problem is actually with the anti-reflective coating. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol can be useful in this situation. It allows you to totally remove scratches and camera fogging while also erasing the anti-reflective coating.

Reset to factory settings

Your smartphone’s camera may get foggy as a result of a significant software issue. Restoring the device to its factory settings may solve the problem. In this scenario, as everything on the phone will be deleted, it is necessary to transfer everything beforehand to any practical external medium, such as a computer, flash card, etc.

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