Why Elon Musk need 12 thousand satellites for Starlink

So far in your Christopher Nolan film, you have seen Batman keeping an eye on everyone and maybe Bruce Wayne who is Batman is Elan Musk ? Do not know. But now Starlink is going to keep an eye on the whole earth, while the company is telling it like an internet provider. TOPICFLIX guess that musk is more big then what people see him.


Starlink’s satellite Internet has almost completely encircled our world. Starlink, American entrepreneur Elon Musk’s dream project, and it will cover global connectivity everywhere except at the poles. It will launch the worldwide market in September of this year.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation launched the first test satellites into orbit in 2018 using its own reusable Falcon 9 space vehicles for global Internet distribution. Musk began recouping his multimillion-dollar investment by connecting citizens of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to Starlink for $99. In the United States, for example, satellite internet costs $35 per month. You’ll also need to factor in the $500 cost of a satellite dish.


But, for some reason, we are not certain that Mask’s services are really needed in the Anglo-Saxon world. There are cell towers everywhere, which means there is Internet access. Musk, on the other hand, is unwavering in his commitment to provide light to the people. Why ? The Falcons continue to launch new batches of Starlink satellites into orbit one by one.

They began to view the Mask’s space armada in the Russian sky with their naked eyes.

James Darpinian’s webpage might help you locate them in the sky. There, by entering your geolocation, you can see when and where the Starlink satellites will fly over you on a 3D representation of the Earth. However, it will soon be feasible to monitor them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, their orbit is 350 km above the Earth’s surface, only below the Moon’s orbit of 384 km.

This constellation will have 12,000 satellites and cover the entire earth by the end of its mission. In general, it appears that you can no longer hide from Starlink’s gaze in the seas, the mountains, or deserts where cell towers are impossible to erect. Weather conditions are a common issue for Starlink satellites.

Take a look at your phone’s internet traffic. According to Starlink Internet customers, the maximum download speed is currently at 80 Mbps, and it is increasing as the number of satellites in orbit increases.

But some countries are keeping a close eye on it. India, China and Russia have reacted strongly to the Starlink project. Maybe Musk is actually building a lab like Batman and keeping an eye on everyone. just kidding. But Russia has actually imposed restrictions.

Russian legislation has officially confirmed that the Internet from the Mask will function. The Russian Federation’s government proposed a resolution to the State Duma in December 2020 on fines for operators that use foreign satellite communication systems.

The bill was dubbed the “law against Starlink” almost immediately. Russian residents will be penalized between 10,000 and 30,000 rubles, while legal firms might lose up to a million rubles if they use foreign satellite communication systems.

Roscosmos‘ plans to launch a new constellation of satellites known as “Sphere” are now clear. These will most likely be satellite signal “jammers.” There is, in a sense, a reaction to every action.

These countermeasure duties will be significantly more difficult to solve once the Mask satellite constellation achieves the desired number of 12 thousand. I am also guessing that the American businessman does not perceive this as a problem. His objective is on the verge of being accomplished.

It’s now up to the creation of information support for vehicle and truck logistics. Perhaps future robotic weaponry systems as well. What are the chances?