why Indian breaking the rules

Enjoying the time my friends! Have you ever wondered how we Indians have made breaking the law an art? We act as if we’re competing for “Rebel of the Year“! We have chosen to stick with only one party, one side, one caste and, you guessed it, only one religion because we are so politically perverted! Has the law been made just on the basis of political power?

As common Indian is focusing on everything except laws, you see, our Indian constitution is citizen centric but who needs law when there are so many interesting things to deal with. Oops! sometimes it a facts in real world.

Now commonly, I will tell where the Indian laws are being broken.

  • On traffic signals, breaking the rules
  • To get an official file passed
  • People standing in line will always be seen trying to hurry
  • In religious festivals
  • taking dowry openly
  • In trespassing In supporting casteism and communalism.
  • In supporting their identity more than being Indian,

etc. the list is very long.

So here’s the deal: Indians are masters at disobeying the law, even while flaunting pride. We go into full-on adventure mode when it comes to crossing railway tracks, playing hide and seek with traffic lights and creating an artistic masterpiece out of garbage wherever we please. Picasso would be proud of you!

people crossing the railway line carelessly

But let us not forget that the rules exist for a reason, just like traditional Bollywood dance steps! So maybe, just maybe, we can contribute a little by following the rules to make our lives happier. Just imagine how hilarious it would be to see us obeying traffic signals while incorporating our typical Bollywood style! Can you hear the sound of cheering?

So let’s make this “rule-breaking identity” more fun! We will break records, not the law, and show the world how unconventional and law-abiding we can be, while still respecting the unique, vibrant and chaotic spirit of India!

Bollywood directors, are you taking notes? “The Rule-Following Desi Avengers” Could Be Your Next Smash Hit! Let’s make it happen!

stalking is common sometimes

I am seeing that people are turning more towards religion and caste than the law and are thinking how or not to keep my identity safe. It is very dangerous in a diverse country like India that everyone starts thinking how do I protect my identity.

Because every some kms, I guess, there are possibilities of people changing language and style only in India and when you start thinking how do I protect my identity it seems that collective or – ghetto nationalities may exist then it is possible that a group can easily politicize against another group

on the road without fear

You can take the enthusiasm of any religious person. Religious grouping feels more like a polarized social movement than it could a political movement, where one is only trying to defend one’s identity.

Irrespective of any religion, huge crowd block the roads and they don’t think of anyone, not even of God, even if they are blocking the road in the name of God and then you come to know that India Less according to law and more according to one side and then intellectuals start thinking how to balance it or some rich people think how to leave the country

Oh, get ready for the “Insensitivity Olympics” in India! Some Indians have mastered the art of being completely engrossed in their lives, engrossed in family dramas and clinging to cricket as if it is the only air they breathe. inflation? No, it’s like an annoying fly buzzing around while they’re busy avoiding life’s challenges.

These guys are on a mission to improve their lives, there’s no stopping them! They are so focused on “me, me and me” that they may accidentally unleash their inner villains or simply turn a blind eye to the rest of the world. You might get hit by a meteorite and they’ll say, “Goodbye, have a good life!” Adios, compassion!

Along with these, we live in a posture of attack on other community in every religious festivals as if we forget the God for whom we are celebrating. Often in India, violence erupts on mass religious festivals which have nothing to do with God and spirituality, similarly if you are standing at a ticket window, try to get your number early, even if it is for a few bucks.

Why don’t you have to give Often we also see that people forget that after drinking tea they have to throw the kullad or tea cup in the dustbin but common Indians throw garbage carelessly on the road or common place. It seems that a common Indian considers his lack of duty as a common phenomenon, which is serious.

Now what is the reason for the lack of duty of common Indians? The biggest reason is that Indians have a craze to make themselves supreme. Every Indian wants how to look different from other Indian.

For this, he gets his caste written on the vehicle or does something to make it look different. To prove its supremacy in the society, casteism is like a common phenomenon in India and nowadays establishing the supremacy of religion has also become a goal.

Along with this feudalism in India is still present in a new form in India and you can see how some Indians despite being rich cannot tolerate the criticism of their roots. He is unable to tolerate how someone else is logically bashing you and making you feel like you need to improve yourself.

The common Indian believes that whatever is happening, whatever is in the culture, there is no possibility of improvement and that is why when the constitution tries to establish equality and rights, the common Indian always secure from to finds himself in religion or caste due to cultural conflict.

If something wrong happened with you in India then most of the people prefer to talk to any political person instead of contacting police because they know that police work under political pressure, this is also true in some places but everywhere No. But it is true that politics has succeeded in dividing Indians in India.

And when a common Indian gets political patronage in his life, he forgets everything. He only and only he remembers how to dominate others.

And you can see how some political workers don’t pay road tax or fight on toll plaza or unauthorized persons also keep their political position name plate outside the house or on the top of the vehicles so that everyone knows that who’s coming. It’s the same, Indians have a problem with their identity, always

Still all Indians are not like this my experience may be slightly different but I have full faith in our constitution and law. India is a vibrant democracy, law has its own problems, society also has its own problems.

But there are still many people, political leaders, who are still trying to make India the real India. If we all do this, then perhaps this work will be done soon, the effort of great India. So respect for law and feeling of being only Indian can make us great.

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