Move over, Lance Armstrong; there’s a new cycling sensation in town, and she’s not afraid to strike a bold pose! Should you meet Lucia Javorcekova, the Slovakian stunner who went from pedal power to Playboy magazine power? With a passion for sports that began at an early age, this athletic dynamo was into cycling, athletics, gymnastics, dancing, and even photography. 


But who knew her camera skills would come in handy for Lucia Javorcekova’s steamy photo shoot with Playboy magazine? From the sports court to the centrefold, Lucia’s journey is proof that life’s surprises can be as thrilling as a downhill race on a bicycle! Lucia Javorcekova’s journey of achievement began on the saddle of a bicycle when she was only 18 years old. He soon left behind his competitors to win the Slovak Cycling Championship. 

His ability was brilliant and focus so clear that he was soon awarded a scholarship from the Slovak Cycling Association. However, Lucia’s passion for horse riding took her on a wild ride to Italy in 2004, where she joined the Italian racing teams, proving she was a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. What a great start to her career!

Apart from cycling, Lucia started trying her hand at fitness and bodybuilding. In 2008, she was crowned “Miss Fitness” at the “Miss Slovakia” contest. Lucia then began working as a fitness model and appeared in periodicals and commercial campaigns. Pedal power, check. Playboy poses, check. Who would have guessed that Lucia Javorcekova’s claim to fame would be as a TV host?

From riding a pillion to dazzling audiences on the small screen, this multi-talented beauty has carved her way into the hearts of fans. Lucia has made the transition from sports to fashion and healthy lifestyle programmes with ease on, Markza, and JOJ. Talk about customizability!

Lucia Javorcekova understands how to make a splash in the media industry, whether it’s on two wheels or in front of the camera, leaving us all thrilled for what’s next!

Lucia took part in a photoshoot for Playboy magazine in 2010, and Lucia became one of the most famous women in Slovakia when her photoshoot went viral. She continued to appear in magazines and advertising campaigns, and in 2013, she was named “Miss Playboy Slovakia.” “Pedal to the Metal and Posing for the Camera”: Lucia Javorcekova’s Hilariously Hectic Life as a TV Presenter, Model, and Cyclist Extraordinaire!

Despite having more jobs than a carnival clown, Lucia Javorcekova finds time to ride her faithful bicycle and even competed in the famous 2019 World Cycling Championships. . What a multitasking queen! Lucia is a true dynamo; whether she’s speeding down the track or parading down the runway, she never forgets her cycling roots, even when she’s posing for Playboy magazine. She’s a triple threat in every way, with her beauty, brains, and ability to ride a bicycle!”

Take a look (All pics are taken from her Instagram)

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