do girls mature earlier than boys ?

There is no single idea that can be considered completely correct, yet according to scientific research, some girls actually start entering adolescence a few years earlier than boys, but this is not the case for all. Yet there are several theories trying to explain why this happens in girls. Some people believe that this happens due to changes in the nutritional level of children.

Some theorize how food additives cause glandular tissue to form prematurely, and others attribute it to accelerated genetic mutation. But since its impact falls on adolescence only in its early years, this theory does not hold true.

Girls start looking young and grow old late, while boys look young late and start growing old early. Adolescence occurs between the ages of 10 and 14, with rapid changes such as changes in height or shape, the onset of menstruation in girls, the breaking of voices, and the growth of moustaches in boys.

Nevertheless, the psychological maturity of a boy or girl does not necessarily correlate with these changes. Theoretically, nothing can be inferred from this information about whether girls actually age faster than boys or not.

But society definitely sees it from its perspective and imposes many restrictions on girls at an early age. The reason for early marriage in Indian society is that girls become physically mature early, whereas scientifically, this is not correct.

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