Pictures taken during the detention of eco-activist Greta Thunberg at a protest in Germany got into memes on Twitter. In comic posts, Thunberg became that same introverted friend who does not leave the house, and the policeman became business coach Andrew Tate.

How Greta Thunberg was detained at a protest in Germany. Photos have surfaced online of German police detaining environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The footage was taken at a protest against the demolition of a village to expand a coal mine in western Germany. 

A police spokesman told CNN that law enforcement officers knew who Greta was, but “didn’t treat her like a VIP.” After checking documents, Greta Thunberg was released .

An activist is being held by two police officers in the demonstration footage. Police appear to be waiting for permission to remove Greta in front of the cameras while posing with the inmate in front of the media.

Then the contented Thunberg is carried into the paddy wagon by three police officers. How a video of Greta Thunberg and German police became a meme Bloggers have been inspired to create memes by images that went viral of an eco-activist who appeared to be pleased with her own arrest.

Greta Thunberg appeared in the movie and is seen in photos interacting with police officers. Such jokes were made due of skepticism regarding Greta’s actual detention as a result of the aforementioned video.

The creators of the memes claim that Andrew Tate, a business coach, is one of the law enforcement officers. Remember that Tate was detained by the police at the end of December after they recognized him from a pizza box in a scathing video message to Thunberg.

Pictures with Greta Thunberg conveyed the mood of those same introverted friends who are almost impossible to get out into the street.

In 2022, Germany made a pact with an energy company, allowing it to destroy the village in exchange for phasing out coal by 2030. Environmentalists argue that the demolition of the settlement and the expansion of the mine will lead to strong greenhouse gas emissions.

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