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Although not everyone should swim at night or in the rain, when you are spending your time in Thailand, you will definitely feel like enjoying yourself all the time. The basic fact is that rescuers and medics in Thailand, including Pattaya, do not work at night. As a result, if you experience leg cramps in the sea at night or swim too far, no specialist will help you.

Another reason is that harmful marine life is most active at night. At least in the dark, it is difficult for a bather to notice them. These creatures become more confident at night and swim much closer to the shore.

urchin and jellyfish

For example, you could easily be harmed by a poisonous fish, a deadly snail, or even a nasty spiny-tailed stingray. Or, God forbid, step on the long (less than 20 cm) sharp spines of a sea urchin, and something happens to you. If you get a sea urchin thorn stuck in your thigh, it will be really difficult to remove it as it breaks quite easily when you try to remove it. Jellyfish are equally deadly in Thai seas; encountering them will leave you with the most terrifying sensations.

Tropical jellyfish, often known as the “Portuguese Man-of-War” or other box jellyfish, can sting with such intensity that you will throw your hooves away from the burn! Moreover, at night, they are barely visible. Similarly, you should not go swimming in the sea during the rainy season in Thailand. There is a possibility that the waves will become very high and all the garbage from the sea will come to the land. 

reverse (rip) current

Another danger is the so-called reverse (rip) current, which extends along the entire coastline of Thailand. He is also a Tyagun, whose manipulations have been linked to several incidents of unfortunate tourist deaths. At night, people on the beach do not realize that the swimmer is being swept out to sea by the waves. Plus, on Thai beaches at night, there’s always a chance of bumping into a group of drunks and unfriendly friends. Do you need it?

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