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Ahmed Ali is a famous celebrity fashion designer based in Delhi. Ahmed Ali started out as a master in a fashion house and honed his skills. He opened his own menswear studio shop in 2007, which was his independent step into the world of high fashion.

Ahmed Ali’s designed collections feature glided textiles and intricate embellishments, creating a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Ahmed Ali founded his famous fashion brand ZILLINIE in 2016 and since then it has become a brand that blends traditional and modern touches. His bride and groom wedding designs are amazing

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Zillini is fashion brand launched in 2016 by Ahmed Ali.

What types of fashion does Ahmed Ali design?

Ahmed Ali mainly designs groom wear, festival wear, party wear, formal/casual wear and footwear

What is Ahmed Ali known for in his collections?

Ahmed Ali is known for his exquisitely designed costumes, which feature shimmering fabrics and intricate embellishments.

Where can I find ZILLINIE on social media?

ZILLINIE on Instagram at @zillinie.official

Website of ZILLINIE ?

here is the link

Address of ZILLINIE ?

As per Official website update, Address is:
1. ) D-29, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024
2. ) 253, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-110049

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