Laws of karma that Earlier I talked about the and how it is so important to save this world, find a peace. Action is very importance to success and self actualization. It give you path of life, here I briefly talked about 12 laws of karma.

Laws of Karma in Buddhist Philosophy

But what are these essential laws of karma proposed by Buddhist philosophyAnd more importantly: how can we apply them to our lives to be a little bit happier and live a life full of love and respect towards others? lets share to explain it.

“if this exists, that exists”

Buddhist Philosophy

Law of Pratītyasamutpāda is root thouught of Buddhism. All answers rooted from here . In Other way, Karma define as: Such you do, such you receive. It is the law of laws when we talk about karma. 

We collect what we have sown throughout our lives. This is clearly related to the cause-effect principle. everything you do has its return. Above all, the negative things we do will be returned to us multiplied by 10.

The mission of every human being is to be a participant in life, and that implies creation.  We are an inseparable part of the world and the universe, and with them we form the same thing. 

Ours responsibility to take what is good that we find in the place of the world that we inhabit, to build our own life.

Everything we deny ends up influencing us negatively” 

Buddhist Philosophy

If we only see the bad side of things and of other people, we will be renouncing humility, that virtue that makes us grow morally and intellectually.

Every act carries its consequences”

Buddhist Philosophy

So, We must accept responsibility for the things that happen to us from our actions. If bad things happen to us too often, we may be doing something wrong ourselves. 

This is one of the laws of karma that focuses on the direct consequences of everything we do, which can be good or bad. 

Everything is connected” 

Buddhist Philosophy

Every act, inconsequential as it may seem, is connected with many other elements of the universe. As they say, the flapping of a butterfly can start a tsunami. 

The reality is complex and absolutely all our actions have their echo in the future.

We are constantly changing, in a permanent flow

Buddhist Philosophy

Whatever we do in our lives, we must be aware that we are sovereigns of our destiny, and for this we must evolve spiritually. If we are able to improve our minds, everything around us will also change, for the better.

We are learning things little by little, in a sustained way

Buddhist Philosophy

We are not able to access high levels of wisdom without having been in intermediate stages before.  We must pursue certain goals in our lives, and progress little by little towards them. The effort almost always has its reward.

It is vital that we act with generosity and kindness towards other human beings

Buddhist Philosophy

Living in a state of mind of respect and compassion for others makes us more connected to our condition as beings that inhabit the same planet.

And is that the laws of karma are not independent of our way of relating to others, since our actions have consequences for others, and also has an effect on our identity.

Everything that anchors us to the past must be reviewed

Buddhist Philosophy

we must renew ourselves to be able to go ahead and find what makes us happy. Living thinking about the past, what could have been and was not, is a perfect way to disrupt our present and our future. 

Thus, this law of karma emphasizes not creating artificial problems by uncontrollably fueling concerns based on what happened in the past and what could happen in the future.

The misfortune tends to repeat itself until we find the courage and the means to change our lives

Buddhist Philosophy

This is achieved based on the knowledge and experiences acquired from which we learn and improve. What we are doing must aware from it. With them we must be able to correct our course and build new objectives. Correction is part of Knowledge.

The fruits that we collect after a lot of work taste better” 

Buddhist Philosophy

The more dedicated we are to the tasks at hand, the greater the happiness in collecting the reward.  We must succeed in making patience a fundamental value in our lives.

we are individuals with the ability to create and evolve

Buddhist Philosophy

The more effort, energy and courage we dedicate to our daily life, the greater the merit of our triumphs.

Even from mistakes you learn, as we have seen in previous laws. Karma recognizes that we are individuals with the ability to create and evolve, even in less than favorable circumstances. At some point the fruits will come, and we will have traveled a path of effort and courage, according to the laws of karma.

The peace will happen when one doing right karma. Karma is key to balance between Universe and Human. So, If you want to read more you can take help of internet or i share some of references here. You can find Bibliographic references here.