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Whenever I see students of big Indian colleges or universities, I feel a different smell in them, as if they all are living in their own world, thinking independently and apart from the society. It reminds me of the Hippie culture that began to influence the youth of the world in the 1960s in the West. So let me tell you about the hippie culture, you will definitely see the something similarity in it.

Hippie culture was the idea of freedom and love that inspired the world and continues to do so today. Long hair, colorful ribbons, peace signs, the smell of marijuana, and natural nudity were characteristic of the hippie culture that spread to California in the 1960s.

The Summer of Love festival caused quite a stir there in 1967, sparking a wave of “free love” in the city. “Love” was ruling the world here in 1967 (at least in the western part of it).

pacificas and long hair blowing in the wind. Photographer Denis Stock
Pacificas and long hair blowing in the wind. 
Photographer Denis Stock

Thousands of teenage women and boys preached the ideas of love, freedom, and nonviolence in the small San Francisco neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury. Subsequently, the youth movement spread to the East Coast of America. The United States, Swinging London and other countries joined in, and the hippie subculture captivated the minds of many earthlings.

Although the hippie subculture was short-lived, it left an indelible impact on human history and culture throughout the twentieth century. And then there was that terrible summer of ’67, when everyone copied it.

This poppy movement eventually spread its wings and gave birth to a short era, where there was a unique feeling of freedom and love. And in no time it became famous and even had its own name: “The Summer of Love”. A rock festival was held there in 1968. A year earlier, the “Summer of Love” festival in California inspired many people to organize more performances.

At the University of California, Berkeley, Students could sit like this barefoot or in the lotus pose on the campus steps.

The summer of Love was defined by free love, hippie music, drug use and dancing. Young people danced their hearts out at hippie parties. Because at that time it was more convenient to study at Berkeley University.

Students could sit like this on the university stairs, barefoot or in lotus posture. Today, the University of California, Berkeley is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in North America. At that time everyone imagined separation from civilization or a new society.

Hippie symbols were a VW bus, big motorcycle trips, and long hair flowing in the wind but tattoos were not common, yes girls or boys got body painted.

Dennis Stock was a member of the prestigious Magnum Photo Agency until his death in January 2010. During his vacation, he showed the world hippie culture by relaxing on the beach of the Kings community near the Los Angeles Airport. Walking around naked was common in the 1960s. Topless sunbathing or nudity is now frowned upon in the United States.

Denis Stock collected everything that caught his attention during a trip to the Sunshine State. 
This picture could be called “Death on the Beach.” 
young people dance their hearts out at one of the hippie gatherings.

However, in rebellion against society, physical freedom comes first. Perhaps hippies always focused on sexuality. Contraception became widely available in the early 1960s, facilitating the spread of sex.

Tattoos were not yet in vogue but body painting is becoming common.
To mark the end of the 1967 Summer of Love, old hippies burning psychedelic posters and other artefacts.
In Los Angeles, these young African Americans take part in a chain protest. Major riots erupted here in 1965, with demonstrators being black people protesting police abuse of authority.

This laid the foundation for the creation of the concept of free love, which was advocated extensively in California. This young woman drew an arrow on her leg pointing towards her genitals. The words ‘Yoni’ and ‘Krodhit’ are written next to it. With such inscriptions and extraordinary clothes he astonished those around him. This method can be seen in many ancient cultures.

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