One famous thing that happens in the Bible is about a war, the Syrian-Israeli War. A war was fought out of overconfidence and alcoholism. During the time of Prophet Elijah, an entire army was lost due to the alcohol addiction of the commander-in-chief of Syria.

The primary source of humiliation stemmed from the fact that the outcome of the battle, which marked a turning point in the conflict between Syrian and Israeli troops, was determined by drinking. The opposing factions were preparing for a major conflict, but in terms of both troops and weapons, the Syrians were superior. Despite knowing that not all of them would survive, the Israelis remained determined. 

They bid farewell to their families and then prayed and checked equipment on the last day before battle. The Syrian side was feeling more confident. The top commander, Benhadad, and the other kings drank recklessly in hopes of defeating the meagre Israeli army. The Bible says, “Benhadad drank until he passed out in a tent with 32 kings.” As one reads these phrases, images of darkness and the Syrian people come to mind. In fact, at that time, any rogue who raised an armed militia could claim the title of king.

The Israelites benefited from the drunkenness and overconfidence of the kings. He attacked the enemy easily and defeated him. The orders of the drunken kings did not correspond to the realities of war, leaving the Syrians unable to mount a proper counter-attack. Vendad, the chief drunkard, escaped to safety, leaving the army to perish. It is possible that Syrian soldiers followed instructions from their commanders and drank alcohol before the decisive battle.

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