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Love hotels are new trends in hi-tech Japan. My visit to such a country has surprised the whole world with modern physics and technology. Japan is one of those countries that is known for human dignity and respect. HDI (Human Development Index) is too high here. So people here are more independent and intelligent. So you can expect that love in Japan must be happening. 

The Japanese have linked their understanding of sex to human freedom. This is exactly when India was in the world where women had the practice of sex or freedom of sex in ancient times, around the 6th century BCE. It has been around since the 17th century, when the Japanese saw love and sex from a different perspective. Modern love hotels started with a small tea stall where growing love became the fantasy of sex.

But this is more than that because one can see that Japanese people respect someone’s lifestyle very much; maybe it is much less than the Japanese in other countries.


In modern Japan, rabu hoteru, or lovehotels,s are an integral part of any larger or smaller settlement, and no doubt love hotels are a very happening and kinky part of Japanese lifestyle and culture. If you are a mature visitor or honeymooner in Japan and feel some sexual freedom or naturalism, you will surely love that.

I love hotels because they are relatively inexpensive, clean, and well-equipped, and most importantly, here you can enjoy your fantasies without hassling or being judged by people! Love Hotel is also safe for unmarried couples, if you are under legal age.

Since the apartments here are often cramped with little privacy, they are one of the few ways couples can spend quality time together away from their families. Also, married couples rarely live together before marriage in Japan, so they have only the option of love hotels when they want to be alone. 

Japanese traditional house

Statistics show that there are about 35 thousand of these establishments in the country, and hundreds of thousands of Japanese visit them every day. It is safe to say that these hotels are one of the symbols of the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, but it is quite difficult for a non-Japanese to understand their purpose. 

Forerunners of the Hotel Love

Many visitors to the country perceive love hotels as whorehouses, where Japanese people secretly meet prostitutes and lovers. This is not so, among the guests of the rabu-hoteru (Love hotels) there is also this category of clients, but its percentage is not large. 

Most of the time, hotels do not have anything hired for couples by young people. The addiction to love hotels has developed among the Japanese for more than a century, and its very appearance is due to the peculiarities of the lives of the inhabitants of this country. To-live fantasies are part of the imaginations of the liberated people of Japan. 

How They Live & How Kinkies developed

In Japan, normal houses and apartments are very small, and the wall and floor structures are made of lightweight materials. It is not at all easy to retire to have sex in such a home, given that your parents and sometimes even grandparents often live there.

I think this applies to today, and even a hundred years ago, things were even worse. In houses with wood and paper partitions, even the bedrooms were common, and the whole family was huddled on mattresses arranged in a row on the floor.

In this sense, Japanese couples, both in the old days and today, are alone. They have to go to a special hotel and enjoy the tranquilly there. Love hotels have flourished in Japan since the end of WWII. Large cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka were badly damaged by the US bombing, and most hotels were closed. 

Inokashira Park
Inokashira Park – there have always been many private spots

To solve their problems, lovers have chosen certain parks and squares for dating. In Tokyo, those places were the Inokashira Onshi Koen Park (the Inokashira Park granted by the emperor) and the park near the Imperial Palace. There are also small home-based business hotels, so a family that had a spare room rented it to lovers or prostitutes. Love in Japan, Love in Japan

love street in japan
narrow street filled with love hotels.

Over the years, as the cities in Japan began to rebuild, the dating hotel “tsurekomi yado” appeared, which grew like mushrooms after the rain. They can be found anywhere. in historical and industrial areas, on major highways, on rural roads, and even in the mountains.

Along with these establishments, the sex industry began to develop rapidly. But the country was not destined to keep prostitution legal; in 1958, the sale of love was officially banned. Now it is regulated by the law, but sexual freedom is a true part of it.

love hotels reshaped according to time
Love hotel as Ship shape

The police raids, with raids on prostitutes and their clients, brought down the dating house business and, without places of seclusion, not only confused but also many married couples. Therefore, the establishments changed their format and began to open as motels. 

When we hear about a motel, we imagine a place to sleep for tired truckers or students with backpacks, but the Japanese have a The big motels in the cities began to be called “abesu hoteru,”  hotels of pleasure, and later “rabu hoteru,”  hotels of love.

It is still possible to determine the age of a person by the way they call a hotel for lovers; the name abesu-hoteru, or love hotels, is used by the elderly, since in the late 1970s this word was no longer used and young people are perceived as archaic.

Love street

Today, the annual revenue of the Japanese rabu hoteru is more than $40 billion. That’s almost double the revenue of another lucrative industry, anime. The competition between love hotels is simply enormous, which is why their owners are not stingy about investing in interior design and buying special equipment.

When You Love Passion and Fantasies

The modern rabu hoteru, or love hotels, are a true boon for those trying to resist routine in a relationship. Among them, you can find hotels with the most unusual services that can surprise you. Would you like to spend a night of love in a real bedroom? Or have you always dreamed of having sex in a subway car? Would you like to satisfy your passion in a classroom? 

The Japanese are great entertainers in terms of sex, but looking at the interiors of the rooms of love hotels, you are still amazed by their imagination.

Do Want Subway Sex
What About in Guest Room
Do you Car Wash to get Wet yourself ?
Are You kitty ?
Cozy Outdoor Car !!
Levitating Bed to shake you more
Do you have appointment with doctor ?

Love hotels, on the whole, are a vivid representation of the maxim “taste and colour.” Because a night in a love hotel is between 1.5 and 2 times cheaper than a regular hotel, travellers frequently book rooms solely to sleep well.

rating board

Experience in Love hotels

Here Some real experiences sharing for you. An inebriated young girl was falling all over a middle-aged businessman in the lobby. We couldn’t see the desk clerk’s face because she was behind a screen, and she couldn’t see ours. We went up and found a room.

It was quite large, with a large bath surrounded by clear glass, so one couple could watch the other shower and wash while still having enough room for both of them to bathe together. The bath was fantastic and the highlight of the trip. The bed was also spacious and comfortable.

By Olivia