Despite their enormous size and fearsome jaws, sharks are naturally quite cautious animals. They may spend a lot of time observing potential prey from a distance, but they rarely resolve to make an make an attack decision and never actually do so, as the study says.

Sharks, like domestic or stray dogs, are able to smell the compounds that are released when a person is truly frightened by something. Scientists believe that a predator may attack due to fear of people.

Shark will know your fear !

This stench is called the “smell of fear. When potential prey becomes afraid, sharks can change their decision in seawater and recognise that the fearful person is their prey. It’s the same way when an animal or person scares a catfish, it’s clear that they don’t expect them to attack first. He gets scared.

Obviously, it’s very difficult to stay calm when you see a shark. Maybe even impossible. But instinctively, a person, while in water, will try to escape. More precisely, it will try to swim away. Because it is in our genes to protect ourselves.

So it turns out that, apart from the “smell of fear,”  unknown prey is also very similar to pinnipeds. What if there are a lot of people in the water and they are all scared? In this case, the shark may generally feel like a “goddess” and do whatever it wants.

Fear can excite the shark. But this is just a guess, as there is no way to get inside a shark’s mind to understand its true motivations. If you are “lucky enough” to find a shark, you will need to get out of the potentially dangerous situation (get to shore or a nearby boat or boats). Additionally, it is important to swim without making any sudden movements and to remain as still as possible.

This is challenging, but the only way to maintain the shark’s degree of hesitation. She will consider for a while whether to attack because she is unsure of who you are and what you are capable of. In this scenario, the person will have enough time to find a safe place. There must be hope, even if it’s just a theory.

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