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If you want to live longer, you must be fit not only with your body but also with your mind too. The shortest formula to live longer is to remain happy and balanced in every situation, but still The key to living longer is in the brain. Biological death is universally true, even in the modern age.

“Gentlemen, there is no death!” Death does not exist! It is verifiable. “What is death?” may be the most difficult philosophical question, but I truly believe that when a person’s body dies, he or she does not go without a trace, and that it is the human brain that holds the key to perpetual life. But you must make some efforts right now if life is topleasee you until the last breath and death is not to fear you.

I genuinely want to think that after a person’s physical body dies, he or she does not go into eternal darkness but instead lives on through his or her consciousness. The academician was certain that this was the case, but he couldn’t prove it because there were no tools available to examine the human brain’s structure.

Even now, no clear answer to the question that disturbed the great scientist exists, despite the fact that many people believe humanity is on the cusp of making a breakthrough that will turn the world upside down. But, whatever the case may be, you must be of sound mind in order to enjoy eternity.

What causes some people to have a keen intellect and an outstanding memory until they die, while others lose their ability to reason rationally and even recognise familiar faces? One of the major causes of this disparity is a considerable variation in people’s lifestyles.

The majority of people believe that old age is a time of rest, which many people long for throughout their lives. People unwind and quiet down, which has a negative impact on their personalities. Intellectual activity replaces watching TV, guessing crossword puzzles, and interests are reduced to a rudimentary set of “excellent food and lots of sleep.

Simultaneously, the degree of expectations of others and of life itself rises, which, of course, does not always elicit a reaction. This causes irritability, and as a result, reality is rejected. Memory and thinking abilities deteriorate first, and then a person drifts away from the real world, sinking into his own, sometimes cruel and unpleasant, world of painful imaginations.


It has previously been established that dementia does not strike suddenly. Rather, it develops over time, gradually taking control of the human personality. People with a conservative, principled warehouse personality are more vulnerable to age-related mental changes than people with a flexible, emotive personality.

live longer

The following indicators may indicate that it’s time to look after yourself and reconsider your lifestyle and worldview:

  • You’ve started to take criticism very hard, yet you’re also very quick to criticize others.
  • You have lost interest in learning something new. Attachments to familiar objects have emerged – rather than buying a new phone model, you will prefer to repair the old one, which you are already familiar with.
  • You’re nostalgic for the past, and the phrase “But before…” keeps popping up in your conversation.
  • When reading serious literature, you have lost your ability to concentrate. Scientific or just serious books’ material is difficult to comprehend and retain.
  • If you have a choice between two films, one of which is a serious work by a cult director and the other is a detective storey with a simple plot, you will choose the second one to avoid straining yourself again. You’d be astonished to learn that someone watches major filmmakers’ films.
  • Your life progressively became filled with rituals. After feeding the cat and picking up a newspaper, you can only have morning coffee from a specific cup. You feel unsettled for the rest of the day when you break your pattern.
  • You notice that your activities are terrorizing others, but you can’t do much about it because you know how to live properly. Your activities do not have a malicious purpose.


It has long been observed that people who work in science and art tend to keep a level head until they are well into their senior years. This is due to the fact that their jobs require them to use their memory and compel their brains to operate on a daily basis.

They are interested in everything new and unique, eager to meet new people and travel, and even at a young age, they have a more eventful existence than some of the youngsters. The necessity of living such a life ensures a joyful and reasonable old age. If you are not a scientist or a writer, however, this does not mean that you will face a miserable old age in your own universe, which you have built with your sick imagination.

A few simple principles, the observance of which may necessitate some effort, can ensure your brain health into old age.

how to be happy and live longer

Every few of years, start learning something new. It is not essential to attend college to do this; advanced training classes or learning a new career will suffice. It’s also worthwhile to strive for something new, such as exploring new foods and experimenting with your clothes.

  • Try to surround yourself with people who are younger than you, regardless of your age. It will be easier for you to learn new things and stay up with the most intriguing happenings if you use them. Make an effort to play with youngsters. You will find that you can learn a lot from them
  • Make sure to answer intellectual problems (several alternatives for exercises, simulations, and tasks – here) and pass various examinations – this is a wonderful brain workout for both young and old people.
  • Learn foreign languages, even if you are certain you will never use them. It’s a terrific brain workout to memorize new words and regulations.
  • Don’t limit yourself to upward growth; instead, go deeper. Refresh your school or college curriculum by pulling out old textbooks.
  • Regular exercise is an excellent method to avoid senile dementia.
  • Avoid rituals and habits. Change your route to work on a regular basis, order a variety of foods, and try new things.
  • Do what you want and allow people more freedom. Allow more spontaneity and creativity to enter your life. The more extraordinary and rich your life is, the longer your sharp intellect and thirst for adventure will last.

However, do not restrict yourself of life’s modest pleasures while remembering to keep the balance. As experts have discovered, a drink of fine bourbon in the company of good companions is also healthy for your brain.

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